"After treatment I felt decompressed, lively and free. Strong sense of empowerment and release of unknown tension that I had become numb to. Breathing became much more energized. Which was bizarre because I didnt know that my breathing was so constrained." - Josh, NZ

"I approached Linda some 12 years ago when I was going through a difficult time. Suffering from anxiety and Stress. I was blown away by the speed at which things improved for me having had both one on one and remote healing with Linda. Being treated with kinesiology, cranial sacral and intuitive healing proved to be very beneficial. Improvements were: a calmed mind,viewing things from a different perspective which gave me clarity.
I found myself thinking with an uncluttered mind which gave me strategies to move forward with. I have continued to work with Linda over the years if and when needed. I could not say enough great things about Linda and her abilities and I highly recommended her." - Anna C, NZ


"When I went to see Linda I was having a terrible time with my relationship, I lacked confidence in my capacity as a natural health practitioner, despite having clinical evidence to say otherwise, I felt completely and utterly frozen in life. I also felt I was retaining trauma from my own early life and that of my parent’s lives. Linda was so welcoming, so assured, direct, calm, warm and encouraging. She has a huge sense of compassion and is completely respectful of you as an autonomous individual and your inherent intelligence.

As we began I became very emotional, which I expected, when she asked the questions, I learned things about myself through my emotional response and the thought processes triggered by the questions. I connected dots I hadn’t connected before. This is a very profound experience and the results of this are subtle and continue to have positive effects on-goingly.

Since this one session I had with her, my life slowly but surely felt like a weight was lifting off, I am able to now move forward in my profession and my relationship. I have more confidence, I don’t feel stuck, there is new energy everywhere, even my professional experience is reflecting this. It’s exciting!This was just ONE session! I will do more when the time is right and could not recommend Linda enough. If you want your life to be transformed in a deeply grounded way, Linda will guide you." - Kate - NZ


"Linda Braden connects with the energies of the mind, body and soul, and intuitively tunes and harmonises the energy field. Linda was able to gracefully work with me to align my energy, heart and integrated the younger me which rippled out to my children and helped heal them too. Thank-you for the ongoing energy support and spiritual guidance on my healing journey coming home to my true self." - Ahhleeyah Grace, Australia.


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